About Us


With Excellence and Care

When we say, "It's a pleasure to serve you," we mean it with all our hearts. We recognize the huge effort that goes into planning an event, and we genuinely want to lighten your load. Taking pride in offering service that goes above and beyond, we seek to put customers at ease while attending to their needs. It's our hope that partnering with Eagle Rental brings you a sense of confidence and fulfillment. We want you to be able to enjoy the magical experience you worked so hard to create. So let's get in touch; we're waiting to help you.

Our Team

Becki Thomas

“I love the unlimited potential of transforming your own backyard into an inviting and unforgettable experience or a simple venue into an elegant and memorable atmosphere."

Karen Hurst

“I love the challenge of taking what a client calls a problem and helping them not only them find the solution but having them able to relax and enjoy the event.”

Amber Linton

“I love helping clients choose unique items to make their event one of a kind. I like helping them discover what style they love and helping them create that ambiance and experience for their guests.”

Ciara Rutt

“I really enjoy the uniqueness that every day brings. Experiences like giving a little kid a balloon to helping someone make the most of their event, makes each and every day different.”

Danielle Zaun

“I enjoy helping clients mix and match Linen fabrics and colors to make their event special. It’s the little things like linens that make events unique.”

Sharon Zimmerman

“I love creating tablescapes and displays in the showroom to give our customers inspiration and direction for their own special events.”

Sonya Burkholder

“I love working behind the scenes and making sure every last detail is prepared, packaged, accounted for and handled with care. We aim for perfection because every event no matter how big or small is important!”

Jackie Sauder

“I enjoy talking with clients and helping them think through the theme and details of their event and then see it all come together.”